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About Us!!

We started this kitchen with an end in mind, cooking a healthy cuisine to share with others. Our business is local, family owned, and made by our team with quality ingredients. We love variety in our food; savory, sweet, robust, spicy, and all in between. Every meal is made to be enjoyable and healthy, a balance in which we strive for. Although, there are many misconceptions of what healthy food should taste like, Super Mario’s Kitchen proves that the power and success of healthy eating requires tasty recipes.

This menu includes meat and vegetarian based options, appropriate portioning, and well balanced nutritious meals. Building a healthier lifestyle through food, can help anyone meet their fitness goals and maintain optimal health, even with a busy schedule .

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Our Customers!!


Crysta D

Annie and Mario are so accommodating and professional. They make being healthy easy despite my busy schedule and they never hesitate to work around my day for Sunday or Monday deliveries. The food is also perfectly portioned and always delicious! I recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality meal prep service.


Namesia P

We loved Mario’s Chocolate Flourless Muffins. They were delicious and a big hit with our members for our Reign Fitness Challenge Party. We truly appreciated the support from Mario for our event and look forward to working with him again. We definitely recommend giving his meal prep service a try!


Megan V

The products are amazing! Every meal has been well thought out, healthy, and delicious. I have truly enjoyed working with Mario and look forward to ordering from him for all of my dietary needs.


Alicia T

Super Mario’s kitchen is an awesome, professional company that I have had the pleasure of dealing with! Product was exceptional and delicious! Always on time and flexible! I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase tasty healthy meals that will save you time and your sanity! Delivery was also an option which was a lifesaver!


Anne T

I enjoyed the variety and flavor in every meal. They use actual herbs and pick quality produce. I’m sensitive to salt and I’ve never had any issues with their food. Losing weight and keeping it off has been a personal challenge for me. After trying Super Mario’s Kitchen food and only eating that food, I was able to lose 25 pounds. In addition, Mario introduced to me a sneak peak of their bone broth plan, which I drank with the meals. This gave amazing results and I finally feel like I’m myself again. I’m using his food as medicine to prevent having to take actual pills down the road. I recommend this to anyone who wants to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. Having the meals premade were huge and allowed me to focus on other things in my life.


Tierra T

Awesome meal prep service dedicated to their customers! They make delicious meals that are healthy and they are able to tailor the meal plan to meet my needs. I have lost 40lbs since eating better - not even exercising yet!!! They answer questions promptly and and very caring about your dietary needs. This company allowed me to retrain my body to eat clean and restart my metabolism. I highly recommend!