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6 Week Sugar Free Plan


Imagine giving the body and brain a break from sugar, dairy, grains, gluten, refined oils, processed foods, and legumes for six weeks! SMK will provide 21 prepared meals, and 7 bone broth weekly. Delivery would be every four days. Invest in your health not only for the next 6 weeks, but for the rest of your life.  At Super Mario's...

Monthly Buffet Style Dinner Package


Let us do the work for you and make dinner a hassle-free experience. Feel comfort in knowing you are receiving nutrient-dense meals for the month with delivery every Sunday and Thursday. All of our signature entrees are carefully selected and made with wholesome real ingredients. Order with us today for complimentary delivery.

7 Day Sugar Free Plateau Busting Package!


Have you recently hit a plateau in your routine? Try our 7 day plateau busting package! Breakfast would be 48 oz of gut healing, gelatin rich bone broth. Lunch and Dinner will always include 8 oz of protein, 2 cups of vegetables, and 1/3 cup of healthy fat. Wait, there's more! Also included in this package you will receive three...