About us

We started this kitchen with an end in mind, cooking a healthy cuisine to share with others. Our business is local, family owned, and  made by our team with quality ingredients. We love variety in our food; savory, sweet, robust, spicy, and all in between. Every meal is made to be enjoyable and healthy, a balance in which we strive for. Although, there are many misconceptions of what healthy food should taste like, Super Mario’s Kitchen proves that the power and success of healthy eating requires tasty recipes.

This menu includes meat and vegetarian based options, appropriate portioning, and well balanced nutritious meals. Building a healthier lifestyle through food, can help anyone meet their fitness goals and maintain optimal health, even with a busy schedule . Let us cook for you. Our team puts in the hard work and passion towards creating great meals, so you can utilize your time in other areas of your life. We know our food options fuel the ambition while keeping  your body healthy. Food is the energy resource that keeps your health in tact, your soul jiving with an end result of mental and physical strength and power in everything you do. We believe: move with purpose, eat with purpose, in order to live healthy and enjoy a higher quality of life.

What we share with you:
A selection of meals created to fit each part of your day: Breakfast and Dinner. We provide flexibility with ordering options based off your current needs. Our services are for anyone on the path of living a healthier lifestyle. The food created in our kitchen accommodates fitness goals, dietary restrictions, and allergies. Please contact us regarding any changes you need in your order. Each package caters to what you need that best fits your lifestyle.